I started attending kickboxing in September and immediately I was very interested in the Black Belt Club (B.B.C.) which meetsevery Friday evening, for both kids and adults. What impresses me is the depth of knowledge; the intensity of the workouts and stretches; the logical breakdown of moves, kicks and punches; and the ability to learn beyond one’s belt requirements. What further enhances my experience on Fridays is the enjoyment that I feel which makes the time pass quickly. Unlike any other martial arts club, K-Fitness’s instructors explain the importance of each stretch, the difference between each stretch (whether static, passive, active or dynamic) and which muscles are affected by these stretches.

Such knowledge I did not have before and it makes absolute sense that when I begin to stretch not to succumb to the slight discomfort that I experience, but to hold and maintain it for the required number of seconds.Because of this, I have noticed a significant change in my flexibility, in my balance and even in my kickboxing. I look forward to my classes each week and especially my B.B.C. classes knowing that I will walk away with new knowledge anda greater growth in the martial arts.