Below will answer all your questions about the K-Fitness, our classes and program and how kickboxing benefits you.

What are the benefits of K Fitness programs for women?

Kickboxing is a well-favoured activity amongst women. At K Fitness, female mixed martial artists are skilled as they are taught in every aspect of K Fitness Kickboxing – from forms to weapons training and ground submission. They train with men as well, who have incredible respect for women. K Fitness kickboxing programs for women cover all the fundamentals when learning kickboxing. At K Fitness, women can achieve greatness through K Fitness MMA fighting while gaining recognition and promotion. K fitness empowers women martial artists via paths of learning and training. The K Fitness family fully believe that women have every right to practice martial arts such as Sport Kickboxing. By passing on the knowledge from our instructors to our female students, it grants women a chance to feel individual power and confidence. One of the goals at K Fitness, is to intensify the learning experience and professional recognition of female K Fitness martial arts instructors by actively supporting our female students to become K Fitness instructors. K Fitness kickboxing is a winning supplement to the physical fitness regimen of any women. Not only is K Fitness kickboxing amazing for strengthening the legs and butt muscles but it is a great cardio workout that will boost weight loss and self-confidence like almost no other exercise.

What are the benefits of K Fitness programs for men?

It is never too late to start getting into shape; the time has arrived for men who wish to return to a physically active skate. K FItness kickboxing for men is a high energy, exciting and stimulating activity. By training up to  2 to 3 times a week, everyone can improve their health through  K Fitness kickboxing and MMA training. K Fitness MMA training for men is a fat-burning, muscle-building workout that integrates fitness with self-defense techniques. You can learn proper techniques to throw punches with jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts. In addition to boxing techniques, you’ll perform front kicks and roundhouse kicks that will make your body more strong and flexible. Your body will be in better shape for any sport or daily activities. Whether you are just beginning your quest for fitness or you are looking for a physical challenge, K Fitness kickboxing classes are highly recommended to help reach your expected outcome. With the professional instructors and staff, you will be able to achieve these goals at your own pace with our full support.

What are the benefits of K Fitness programs for children?

At K Fitness, our fitness kickboxing classes for kids are extremely valued. Young members learn in a physically and mentally stimulating environment that still allows children to have fun. Our MMA K Fitness programs have a life-long positive influence on a child by exercising their body and brainpower. K Fitness training helps enhance children’s abilities in terms of focus, endurance, and confidence besides learning martial art skills. K Fitness kickboxing programs provides an opportunity for your child to improve his or her mental and physical being. Our teacher and parent survey displays results of positive improvement for children after participating in our K Fitness kickboxing programs:

– Academic – 95% improvement
– Concentration – 97% improvement
– Self-esteem – 87% improvement

K Fitness training for children allows your child to train martial arts in an enjoyable environment that he/she will never forget! Main benefits include:

– Self-confidence
– Discipline in many areas of their lives (school, friends, family, personal)
– Focus (school, sports)
– Endurance and strength

Is K Fitness kickboxing for children safe?

Yes. K Fitness kickboxing is a very safe activity. We do not engage young members in full contact sparring. Your child will also train with students in the same age group and skill level.

– From shoulders to calves, you will become lean and strong.
– Your body will burn more fat than any other workout.
– Your muscles will be more toned, tight, and firm.
– You will increase your self-confidence and reduce your stress level.

Safety in K Fitness clubs

Every sport has injury prevention exercises which is why students in every sport are expected to properly follow warm up, stretching, and training systems. If, in any case, members of any sport including K Fitness training do not focus on properly warming up, training, and cooling down, they are susceptible to injuries. This is why we, at K Fitness clubs have injury prevention courses. At K Fitness, instructors go through multiple pages for certification and they follow the most advanced training curriculum which guides them towards professionalism. Besides passing on martial arts knowledge, instructors are also knowledgeable in injury prevention and care. In fact, the injury risk at K Fitness is 1 out of 500 members which is lower than the injury rates of other sports such as basketball, soccer, football, and even jogging, as long as members properly follow our workout system.

What are the top three benefits that a K Fitness member can achieve via our training system?

Top 3 benefits that a K Fitness member gains are Mental and Physical Fitness, self-confidence, and Stress release.

Are K Fitness kickboxing programs affordable to the general public?

Yes, at the K Fitness clubs, the prices are generally affordable for families. The prices vary on the service quality, expected training goals, and the frequency of training. This is offered by the professional staff and instructors who have the ability to affect members in all age groups by keeping all members active and motivated for several years of training while maintaining the quality. Instructors are categorized into different levels of experience and those who can encourage and support members on a regular basis, are the key success in students’ goal achievements. In order to ensure the high quality of K Fitness training and achieve set goals for K Fitnessmembers, time must be devoted by both member and instructor so it is impractical to judge the positive benefits K Fitness kickboxing can offer based on a numerical value.

There are cases where other school expenses such as the area of the location, equipment, and facility, might affect the price values. Most martial arts institutions charge $100 to $250 per month for tuition, depending on the amount of classes per month, length of the program (eg. 1 or 2 years), quality of instruction and style of martial arts. For example, if one takes a private session, it is about $50 to $150 per hour, or when buying a car, monthly payments is from $150 to $1500 per month, depending on the quality of the car.

Are K Fitness instructors certified to teach and to what extent?

At K Fitness, we take pride in developing a capable team of professionally trained and certified kickboxing instructors who share the same vision of success. These instructors are passionate about passing on martial arts knowledge who lead by example and who continually strive to achieve higher standards. We believe that a diverse understanding of the psychological and physiological aspects of instruction are equally as essential as its technical components.

The ability to teach effectively and gain students’ respect is a skill that can be developed with proper instruction, effective role-modelling and focused practice. At K Fitness, we place a lot of effort into providing the best coaches with the best instructing and Martial arts Fitness and Technical knowledge. All instructors are equipped with a comprehensive Instructor’s Program developed by the Sport Kickboxing Federation and designed by Chief Instructor, Master Farhad Dordar.

Can students become K Fitness instructors and how?

There are three major instructor certification programs (ICP) at K Fitness. After completing each course, there is an online test for graduation and a practicum is available. Once each level has been completed successfully, instructors receive a certificate of accomplishment and they can proceed to the next level course.

Can members who strive to learn sparring and fighting in a K Fitness club?

At K Fitness clubs, members can participate in specific fighting programs which help them learn and practice all technical and tactical sparring routines and combinations. This is in order to gain confidence in fighting. We, at K Fitness, have trained hundreds of local, national, and world champions as well.


Is there MMA training at K Fitness?

At K Fitness clubs, we do have special MMA training which is divided into 2 major programs of stand up and Grappling.


Are there any self-defence courses offered by K Fitness clubs?

Yes, there are several self-defence courses involved in the actual programs. The self-defence combinations include defensive and offensive techniques, tactical moves and strategies including joint manipulation, Aikido, Boxing, Karate, and Kickboxing.


How long does it take to earn a black belt in K Fitness sport kickboxing program?

At K Fitness adult members who registered for Sport Kickboxing programs can achieve their black belt between 2 to 4 years. This is hugely reliant on the student’s learning talents, and practice, along with the frequency of training sessions per week. For children and youth members, as well as the physical techniques and advancement, they need to develop discipline, confidence, concentration, and self-control. This would take between 4 to 7 years.


Are there any tournaments held at the K Fitness clubs?

Yes, there are SKF (Sport Kickboxing Federation) sanction tournaments and titles for tournament participants.


What are elements of other martial arts styles integrated in the K Fitness kickboxing style?

The K Fitness training style and system has been extremely efficient in helping our members accomplish their optimal mental and physical well-being. We have created a distinct style of martial arts that suits everyone’s needs over our 25 years of experience. It combines elements of several major styles of Martial Arts, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, Aikido, Jujitsu and Judo, as well as weapons training and Kickboxing to make a complete style. Since it combines techniques and strategies from different styles of martial arts, it is very effective for self-defence and fitness.

K Fitness’s main goal is fitness for everybody through developing mental and physical training from kickboxing, MMA, and power circuit conditioning. Our K Fitness kickboxing programs are aimed towards children and adults with varying levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced with different goal settings.