Trial Class



You’ll start off with two one on one private session with a SKF CERTIFIED  instructor for just $50.

With this personalized Introductory lessons approach, our instructor can assess your physical abilities level and explain to you what type of courses best suits your needs. The Vancouver Kickboxing trial class will open your mind and ideas about your desire to the martial arts styles, such as Sport Kickboxing, Cardio Fitness, MMA, self defense or improving your mental and physical fitness.

By coming down and visiting our state of the art school in Vancouver Kitsilano or any other franchise Kfitness school you will be excited to get started with your classes and will find out why many members have been choosing us for their mental and physical power.

Children will attend the group classes while having the care of a certified Instructor for learning the basics and technical structure within a friendly motivating group class.

Youth can have both options as group or private sessions.

Children can join the group classes in our Vancouver martial arts Kfitness academy or any location under the same school brand to get familiar with martial arts class environment first, have fun while learning some basics and creating a positive memory for their future long term training which is great for their mental and physical development.

Adult students are in a different skill and fitness level, and the most beneficial choice would be taking the private sessions for their Vancouver Kickboxing trial class rather than the group session.

A- The most important reason to chose us is our innovating training structure system – designed and built by SKF

B- Our instructors are certified by Sport Kickboxing Federation and all have taken academic and practicum courses specific to our training system.

C- We have been in the martial arts business for over 45 years.

It is simple as filling out the form and and set your time to do a couple of introductory session with us to find out how the short term steps can make the building blocks of creating a happy living habits for yourself.

Join this mental and physical strength training for your own success. It goes beyond just the physical values. It’s about achieving a sense of individual responsibility and discipline, not only as a practitioner, but also as an individual part of a greater whole in society.