• Ivy L,

    Vancouver Children martial arts I am single Mom and i  have a 5 years old son who was really shy with kids most of the time, He did not want to be in group of kids and play games or any activities. I talked to a friend and they recommended  me to put my son in a martial arts school and i found Vancouver Kfitness martial arts academy on West Broadway close to my home. It seemed some kids had the same issue and after they joined their level of self confidence improved majorly and this was encouraging for me to sign up my son into the Kfitness children program, After 8 months of training he improved himself almost %80 and i want to Thank you All the instructors Master Farhad Dordar, Sensei Sahar, Sensei Arleo Dordar Miss Marjan, and Sir Bede Searchfiled on Saturday classes. I recommend Vancouver Kfitness martial arts programs to all parents for such benefits like self confidence, Respect and leadership which are great for children. Ivy L.

  • Jay Hopkins, Doing martial arts in different disciplins like Maui Thai, Kickboxing and Jujitsu, i am 34 years old and sharing my observation and research in 6 different martial arts schools, Kitsilano Kickboxing Fitness ( K Fitness ) is the best school with great facility, clean and most supportive instructors

    I have been doing different martial arts discipline Maui Thai, Kickboxing and Jujitsu for several years in Europe, I have moved to Vancouver 3 years a go and checked at least 5 or 6 schools that they had good online presence but to be honest the only school I have seen in Vancouver so far is KFitness martial arts academy has the highest standard in teaching based on system and instructors are super nice and humble. I just want to thank Master Dordar's Family a give positive Testimonial for making such an amazing school environment for it's members. All the Best, Jay Hopkins

  • Zanna, I am a fit person and have done many fitness exercises like Yoga and other sport activities and I have joined Vancouver K Fitness martial arts in on West Broadway Kitsilano area

    I am a fit person and have done many fitness exercises like Yoga and other sport activities, I have joined Vancouver K Fitness martial arts in on West Broadway Kitsilano area. I would like to share my opinion and testimonial to those who really need to know where to train kickboxing or martial arts. I feel This is an Active yoga with some sport Kickboxing routines. It is great for me and I think every body should try this SKF Sport Kickboxing fitness program. People love it . Master Dordar and Sensei Sahar Dordar, Sensei Arleo Dordar, Mis Marjan are great Team of instructors who support students with a positive personality and encouragement. Zanna .

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Then let us help you in our fun and engaging Vancouver Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness Classes. You will be hooked with an active Women, Men and Children martial arts training systems which combine amazing warm up curriculum, complete stretching from neck to toes and exciting structured Vancouver Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness Classes.

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All you have to do is attend one of our Free Vancouver Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness Classes trial sessions with our SKF certified and educated instructors/coaches who love to have you in their classes at our Vancouver K-Fitness Academies, You will be amazed how our members attend every class and happy when they are going home. Start your trial now and see how the Vancouver Kickboxing Martial Arts Fitness Classes will change your life.

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