K-Fitness Team

Vancouver KICKBOXING Coaches

Kickboxing and Martial Arts Instructors

Master Farhad Dordar

Master Farhad Dordar is the founder of the KFitness franchise and owns the Vancouver branch. He has been teaching several discipline of martial arts like, Sport Kickboxing, Karate, MMA, Boxing, and weapons from the age of 16.

Avesta Sarviha

Avesta has been doing Martial Arts for several years in kickboxing and sanda. He has been doing program management and teaching students in different range groups for the last 5 years at KFitness.

Vancouver Martial arts coaches are teaching members at all fitness levels and age groups for the last 20 Years in Kitsilano, Vancouver Canada , Burnaby, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Coquitlam Lower mainland.

Our coaches are, kind teachers, and martial arts champions, They have been coaching members in tournaments and helped many members to become champions.

Our instructors have been involve in Fitness and Kickboxing for over 20 Years in Canada and teaching thousands of members in many martial arts Fitness places in Vancouver Lower mainland. Instructors positive characteristics and multitasking ability has allowed her to become one of the most successful Fitness Teachers in BC Canada.

Our instructors quality of teaching with different verity of exercises are well known in Kfitness kickboxing fitness classes and is very high energy and motivating to members and this quality of teaching pushing members to get amazing self discipline in classes attendance for adult.

We manage the youth and children classes with a high level training and curriculum organization for advancement.
Kids fall in love with her kind and fun attitude and do not miss any classes, We care as supportive coaches and make the family environment. Instructors are reliable and has high level respectful communication with members.