Vancouver Self Defense programs for

Women, men and Children

There are many incidents happen in every where around the world about Women, Men, and children being attacked by crazy people and criminals, and we see and read news that some number of people in Vancouver Canada or some other cities like Surrey, Burnaby, Maple ridge have being the victim too .

To be able to use our mind, and body for personal protection will make us more confident about ourselves.Learning the self defense techniques need always practice for more speed, power and creating muscle memory for faster reaction in any situation might be waiting for us.

there are always some strategic plans and actions in regards to recognizing environment we are in and looking deeper in the details of our surroundings when we are facing danger.

at Vancouver, Kitsilano K-Fitness Academy we teach complete women self defense courses as part of our martial arts and Kickboxing programs.

Girls and women SKF self defense classes:


1- philosophy of defense in different strength levels

2- How to recognize dangerous situations and making plans

3-How to use our cloths, pen, bag and other belonging we carry for defense and protection

4- defensive techniques which is combination of Aikido, Chocking, Joint manipulation, kicks, boxing, and some ground grappling or BJJ

5- Strategies

Join us and learn how to protect yourself with our life saving SKF self defense programs at 2674 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada V6K 2G3

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