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SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation Dordar Fighting team:

How to become a Kickboxing champion? Require special training through a dedicated fighting program which can cover all the necessary step by step training.

At K Fitness Academies we train High level skilled champions who are confident to win a ring fight, however the passion, desire, discipline and perseverance are important in this path, but still having a knowledgeable

coach who teach, train and monitor the fighting training, support the fighters are the important fact which every fighter needs to focus on.

Syavash Fard is one of the students who has trained by Sensei Arleo (Arash) Dordar in Vancouver.

Arleo Dordar is Canadian Kickboxing champion who has trained many fighters in the past under the legendary Dordar SKF team.

You wish to become a successful fighter !!! Join Vancouver K Fitness Academy in Kitsilano, We offer Kickboxing and mma fighting courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.