Vancouver K-Fitness Martial arts Academy is pleased to offer Children and adult “summer camp training for 3 months, one month and one week” with special discounted rate. Sport Kickboxing exciting programs are best routines for people who are looking for a basic, intermediate and advanced martial arts and kickboxing exercise classes. If you have free time to try something new in the summer and getting bored of going to normal Gym and using machines and weight! Then contact us to consult you to start something new,fun and engaging which you haven’t done in the past. Our instructors will help you to have the best result in your fitness and have most fun training that you never want to quit!

No matter what your reasons are for joining our summer camps, you can look forward to the many awesome benefits of martial arts training that you have never expected. You will learn some effective self defense combination as well as getting fit both physically and mentally.

What will you achieve?


Martial arts and  Kickboxing are the unique blend of mixed martial arts that combines Techniques from Kickboxing, Karate, Jujitsu and Self Defense. It also employs the most up to date and scientific approach to fitness and martial arts training in order to help its practitioners get the maximum benefits from their time and training.

To get more information visit our websites:

www.kickboxing.net and www.kfitness.com
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