vancouver kickboxing and mma fighting classes at kfitness Academy,  2674 West Broadway is one of the most popular forms of sparring instruction and practices.

Children, youth, women and men have their own counterparts for experiencing and implementing what they have learnt from their group classes. Conditioning, learning about distances, stances and movements, cardio, effective combinations and strategies, All learnings about fighting with different type of opponents, speed, timing, power, concentration are the aspects of necessary knowledge for becoming the best skilled fighter. Master Farhad Dordar guarantee the success of these courses for members and fighters. He has helped and coached at least 20 world, international and national champions from Tokyo Japan, Canada to Usa Lasvegas K1 fights, Glory and many other nationals at Tiger balm, West Coast challenge, Can-Am etc…

Fighting and tournament participation help members to gain experience on how to deal with fighting challenges through logical ways. handling the

the environment pressure, feeling the sense of bravery and much more.


Participating in tournaments and ring fights have significant effect on developing confidence and overcoming the nervousness by gaining experience. once we participate in the first tournament we will find out how build power in both mental and physical. Vancouver kickboxing and mma fighting team welcome everyone to join this program for more advancement in your martial arts journey.   Join us today and start your own experience in our Vancouver Kfitness Martial arts Academy