Vancouver Kickboxing for Women

Difficulty Level 10%
Fat Loss Effectiveness 90%
Strength Building 85%
Fun 100%

Your new beginning

Vancouver Kickboxing for Women is a fat-burning, muscle-building workout that merges fitness with self-defense techniques. Jabs, hooks, uppercuts and roundhouse kicks are the start of a series of self-improvement techniques which will leave you stronger and more agile than you were before. You will quickly discover that flexibility, a lean body mass and improved fitness will positively affect your other sports and daily activities.

Now is the time

Today is the best time to make a positive change in your life. Discover why Vancouver Kickboxing for Women is your answer to a defined body and refined mind. By attending our martial arts classes 2 to 3 times a week, you will improve your overall health and fitness levels which will ultimately reflect in a greater and a more confident you.

Vancouver Kickboxing for Women

Vancouver Kickboxing for Women Benefits

Women’s sports have been subjected to many misleading information over time which are easily disproved by setting a physical example. In our experience at the Sport Kickboxing Academies, women have contributed a substantial amount of value and input to our programs and left us wanting more of their contribution. If you are a motivated woman who wants a place to express your valuable qualities of strength, commitment and leadership, then read on to see what we offer in return to help you in your endeavor.

A Winning Formula

Vancouver Kickboxing for Women is an ideal and winning supplement to the success of the physical fitness regimen for all women. Kickboxing training benefits women in many ways;

  • It strengthens and tones every muscle in the body
  • It provides a great cardiovascular workout that will boost weight loss and improve self-confidence like no other workout.


The Sport Kickboxing Federation empowers female martial artists through innovative learning methods, professional training, and organized ranking. SKF believes that women have every right to practice martial arts such as Sport Kickboxing.
By passing on the knowledge from our instructors to our female students, we add to the power of the individual and thus the entire world of martial arts.


One of our major goals in the SKF is to enhance the learning experience and professional recognition and acknowledgement of female mixed martial artists. We do so by actively promoting and encouraging our female students to achieve their black belts and become martial arts instructors.

Vancouver Kickboxing for Women

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Still undecided?

Regardless of your fitness level, you have a place in our schools. Kickboxing and martial arts classes are very popular workouts for women. Come and experience for yourself that women already represent a significant portion of our membership. At SKF, women who choose mixed martial arts will become professionally trained in every aspect of Sport Kickboxing, from kata forms to weapons training.
Our female students train with male counterparts who have the utmost respect and regard for women. The chance for women and men to train and to discuss martial arts together is a grand opportunity for both genders. At SKF, women can expect to achieve their fitness goals and excellence in our programs.