SKF-Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness Academy Testimonial

1487700_623063621068974_1810509945_oThe Vancouver KFitness (SKF-Kickboxing Fitness) Academy

The Vancouver K Fitness( SKF-Kickboxing Fitness)  Academy is a temple of potent human change. Its owners, Master Farhad & Sensei Sahar Dordar are fully conversant with the potential all beings hold inside, waiting, sometimes a whole life-long, for development and release into any and all possibility. Is it possible that a person in their fifties can be fitter than their twenties? Yes, you’d better believe it, because I am living example of that. When I decided to move through my current life crisis, instead of shying away from the difficulties that this decade so often can present, I made the most intelligent decision of my life to join KFitness martial arts. No matter what your age or circumstance, you can meet your inner higher-self on this training floor and melt away the illusion of life’s barriers as though they truly never existed. Which of course they do not, except as a mind concept created from fear. I put my soul’s journey in their capable hands and by meeting them somewhere in the middle of all endeavour, my power and zest for life have been reborn.

Thank you for your excellence.