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What do we mean by Instructor positive Attitude?

In this section we will address perhaps what is the most important aspect of being a Martial arts instructor: “positive behavior and attitude”
Just like a proper stance is the foundation on which all other techniques are built, proper and strong character is the foundation on which being a successful Martial arts Instructor is built.
No matter how well instructors have learned and memorized warm up techniques or rules and regulations – this is not enough by itself. In order to be truly successful as an instructor you must have the foundation of positive attitude from which to relate to the students around you.
Like a strong stance, positive attitude is both simple and complex; it involves learning to focus on and correct yourself to ensure that you are standing strong and balanced. It may seem like one of the simplest things to learn, but it is by far the most important.
Instructors must understand that the martial arts are not just about how to kick higher or punch harder but also about improving our general outlook, our social skills from our confidence and our concentration.
In improving our character traits and focusing on the positive we build confidence and create the right state of mind to encourage further growth and development in ourselves and the students we work with.
Having a positive attitude allows us to solve problems and helps students to see that the goals we set are attainable.
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