Martial arts and gift-cardsCardio Kickboxing  for Friends and Family members


December 2014 Gift Certificate available at

2674 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada V6K 2G3

604 298 5425


Hello Everyone,

This is the Dec 2014 and we are all getting ready for Christmas and New Year’s holidays and obviously we always have new year’s resolution, Well! Mental and physical fitness improvement with martial arts and kickboxing exercises are great part of the resolution every year we have, Health and Fitness  is the key to have a happy and successful life for Men, Women and Children. There is Gift of $49 discounted rate certificate you can purchase for one month starter program for your family members or friends. Please reply back to this email and we will prepare it for you to pick up or simply pay by your visa and we will mail it directly to you.


Vancouver, Kitsilano Kickboxing Fitness Management

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