SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation Vancouver Head quarters,

by Master Dordar


Going gung ho on your fitness freaks!!!

Fitness is the buzz word doing rounds in the worldwide markets for quite some time. This has particularly gained momentum and become the order of the day in view of the growing pace of life alongside the work and peer related pressures. The work VS life imbalance virtually has bereaved people of their happiness aka healthy habits. Consumption of junk foods in sync with sleeps disorders have contributed to chronic ailments like flatulence, constipation etc. to name a few.

The basic issue lies with the abysmal metabolic rate that favors fat deposits in the open spaces inside the human body such as belly and cheeks. These deposits summarily lead to overweight or obesity in people. Obesity is known to have become synonymous with high sugar and BP leading to heart ailments, muscle and joint pains. The gist is you must work out on regular basis to get rid of those extra fats.

Like the five fingers on our hand people have prominent body features and types that make them unique as individuals. No straight jacket exercise regime can yield the desired effect on your well being unless the same is made bespoke to you. One should therefore follow exercise schedules under an expert.

SKF self defense program

SKF self defense program

The problem lies in choosing the best fit for you here as your mentor aka instructor. Moreover exercise alone by default becomes boring after some time unless you fill it up with some amount of fun elements. Here is a solution with martial arts and kickboxing fitness that in tandem work wonder for you.

We have the vast experience and expertise for conducting children’s classes, women’s classes and the men’s classes on varied subjects like mixed martial arts, mental and physical fitness, weight loss and many more with lot of happy members around the world specially in our base Vancouver martial arts and kickboxing K Fitness school. Join us and reap the maximum benefits of life leading it healthy!!!