Sport Kickboxing Federation is helping instructors around the world to learn and improve their teaching skills by becoming a SKF certified instructor.
First session is about martial arts leadership and how instructor communication will benefit both students and teachers become successful in their quality of instructions.


• Part of class leadership is being able to communicate to your students effectively.


• Effective communication is the cornerstone for being an effective Instructor. An Instructor must be good at both speaking AND LISTENING.

• Give clear, concise instructions in class. Having a plan prevents misunderstandings and helps students feel motivated because they see how confident their Instructor is.

• Try to keep all of your student’s senses occupied on the task at hand. Explain that while they are in class they should just focus on what they are doing and not worry about what happened earlier in their day. To do this talk to them, have them count out loud with you; explain where they should feel a specific stretch in their body. Make the experience for your students as holistic as possible.

• The Instructor should stand front and center of the class while talking and should make slow, scanning, eye contact that lightly sweeps the room.