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Level 1 students NOTES – SEMINAR I – LECTURE
Flexibility Training
It is necessary to perform consistent stretching exercises in order to increase flexibility.
There are four components to successful flexibility training:

• appropriate frequency of stretching:
At least three times per week to achieve long term results.

• appropriate duration of stretching:
Stretches need to be held long enough to allow the muscle to relax – this is typically between 15-60 seconds. The longer a stretch is held the more relaxed the muscle becomes.

• appropriate intensity of stretching:
Stretches need to be performed slowly with control and without pain. If the stretch is taken too far the muscle will contract. If the muscle contracts, it will tighten, this means a loss of flexibility. Stretching too far then will have the opposite effect and can decrease flexibility.

• appropriate increase in muscle temperature:
An appropriate warm-up needs to be done before stretching. Warm-up prevents the likelihood of over-stretching or injury. Warm-up allows decreased muscle tension and allows easier stretching.

Methods of Stretching
• Active Stretching
• Passive Stretching
• Dynamic Stretching
• Static Stretching
• Resistive Stretching