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Another outstanding grade Graduation took place at the Vancouver K Fitness martial arts Academy on Jan 29th 2015. More than a dozen students from as little as 3 years of age up to their mid-fifties, displayed their effort and love of the highly focused mental and physical development that the Sport Kickboxing Federation embodies.
They have demonstrated their passion and powerful technique in which balance, applied movement, concentration, and mind body coordination represent the core elements and conditioning that lifts to a higher and higher quality of life and joy.
SKF Sport Kickboxing, under the experience supervision of Master Dordar, has seen 7000 students graduated in last 20 years. we are deeply happy for our members, all the parents who support their children, and the friends and family who share in that achievement. KFitness has been an exemplary organization promoting powerful change in the community, and it’s operation in the last 20 years and 2 years at the new location Kitsilano area (2674 West Broadway Vancouver BC Canada) has proven to offer an excellent hub for the cities townsfolk.