Head Instructor

K-FITNESS Instructor – Master Farhad Dordar


When we are young, our visions are quite different from time to time in our life journey. Master Farhad Dordar has been teaching several discipline of martial arts like Wrestling from 6 years old to 14, Tae kwon Do from 12 to 16, Karate 17 to 22 ,MMA. kickboxing, boxing, Judo and weapons from 23 years of age, from his first motivation from learning martial arts was self defense but his philosophy of training and teaching from the beginning gradually changed to help members to improve their mental and physical power through mixed martial arts and stand up kickboxing as Holistic Martial arts Fitness.

He has trained many national and international champions globally and the founder of SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation along with his brother Farid who is former Kickboxing and Shoot boxing world champion. Master Farhad Dordar teaches at Vancouver KFitness Martial arts academy location but he mainly does self defense, coaching, fighting and business management seminars world wide and run the World SKF from his Vancouver office in British Columbia Canada.

He has been teaching thousands of children and youth in the last 38 years since young age and also hundreds of well known experienced Kickboxing Coaches worldwide.

Vancouver Martial arts Coach Farhad Dordar specialty is, In teaching members more on exiting detailed techniques structure learn, understand the logic behind the moves and practice the art of martial arts correctly.

Master Farhad Dordar has been motivating his members around the world with sharing all his research and knowledge he achieved in his journey and has been writing many technical and sports organisational management books, blog and articles on line.

Best of Vancouver Martial arts and Kickboxing Coach Master Farhad Dordar