Master Farhad Dordar’s 2016 Message to members and friends,

Dear Friends and Kfitness members, Welcome to 2016 life Journey, I wish everyone to achieve your dreams for this year.
I was reading an article about how to create Habits and its effects for goal achievements. It was very interesting that I wanted to share some of the most related important points with you . Many people set goals but the ones who have the determination will power, Focus, Vision, and planning can become successful in reaching them.
The important points were about how to create habits of doing something that our mind and bodies are not used to and how it relates to our life style. We all follow the routines in our daily lives and sometimes it’s not worth it to continue as habits and some are worth to continue. We do need to think about our Visions, Goals, Plans and re evaluate them to affect our daily actions.
We are all living based on 24 hours time and doing either studying, working, sleeping and hanging out, different age group are using their time differently. We all need to do something different once in awhile for our brain actives and neurons in order to improve our health and creativity level.
Well! it’s 2016 and we want to pass another year, how and with, what quality for which plan we start our days are very important.

Have you put some thoughts on it?
What are your Mental, physical and spiritual goals?
How is your creativity level?
How is your determination level?
How about your Willpower which drives you into action, not just contemplating about doing it.
Are you ready to make some changes TODAY? Tomorrow, This week, next month and next 12 months? What is your ANSWER?
Yes we are talking about having short term and long term goal setting.
Me as a Martial Artist and Instructor, I am always motivated to reach my own goals and honestly I have achieved 90% of them every year. Why 90%?, because during daily life I find more information and evaluate for better planning and change re evaluate my goals but in order to improve my our personal self confidence we must achieve the majority of our goals to feel good about ourselves and improve our confidence.
As a Martial Arts Instructor who is training, teaching Kickboxing and mixed martial arts, I know what it takes to achieve since we all take the risks and hard work.
I some of my goals can affect our society and i have to create a team for it Are you ready to join me as a team to set new goals for SKF in 2016?

My Major personal goals:
1-To get in shape like the times I was in the Canadian national team and to start motivating some of my student to participate in competitions. There are many benefits in attending tournaments for improving self confidence and believing in ourselves and abilities, as well as Learning about overcoming any fears. Fear is an obstacle which stops us from taking risks and without that we won’t even have a 50% chance of winning as well as success in life. We must pass the fear.

2- Helping every individual in Canada understand about the mental and physical values of Sport Kickboxing activities for all age groups and fitness levels, Through the non-profit Organization as IC-SKF international council of Sport Kickboxing Federation we are trying hard with a focused goal of helping people to develop a new way of thinking for mental and physical health in schools, universities and corporations.

3-Finishing the final steps of Can-Mar Canadian University of Fitness and Martial Arts registration: I have started this project to create the most informative level of Martial Arts and fitness education for those who really want to learn about this industry. Anatomy, Bio mechanics, Instructor courses, Martial Arts and Fitness School/Gym management system and etc.
I believe people need to learn how to avoid getting sick rather than going to Doctors as regular base. Teachers need to become educated and help people as Doctors for sickness prevention with same educational values as Doctors.

I share my dreams with you so if in any case I become lazy you all know now where I am going and by being in my team. We should all help each other to achieve our 2016 goals.

Lets Gear up and start from today. I need to create a team of leaders and volunteers to start our National Journey this year. Please let us know what you can contribute for these important Fitness and health mission.

Best Regards,

Master Farhad Dordar