By Master Champion Farhad Dordar who has trained many kickboxing and mma Champions from Tokyo Japan to Las Vegas united state, Iran and Canada

In this short Video Arleo Dordar fighting at North American challenge against his opponent. He has been training for many years now and holds Canadian SKF champion title.

Many other martial arts fighters have been trained under his supervision to the champion level.

Fighting is the other important aspect of mixed martial arts kickboxing beside the fitness part of it for the majority of public who chose kickboxing for their health and fitness. We are holding amature and professional fighting courses at 2674 West Broadway Vancouver British Columbia Canada under supervision of Grand Master Farhad Dordar and his team of instructors.

Mastering the art of MMA includes striking, grappling, ground-fighting, submissions, clinching and wrestling are what will give you the confidence of knowing there are no holes in your game.

There are no rules in a real fight, so victory comes to whoever can find and exploit their opponents’ weaknesses first.

Canada Sport Kickboxing Federation fighting programs, help members to become successful in kickboxing matches, for more information contact or CALL US AT: North Amercan Line 1(877) 479 5425 and Local Vancouver time (604)298 5425