Sport Kickboxing As The Best Structured Style

Article By Grand Master Farhad Dordar,

Many martial arts enthusiasts and beginners in all age groups are excited to learn kickboxing or do kickboxing exercise for its high intensity and fat burning routines. We are experiencing the growth in our number of students in many schools, But there are some important items need to be addressed for engaging into this amazing martial arts training programs as below

A- Martial arts in general is a contact sport, either we hit the targets, bags, partners gloves or fighting in different categories of Light contact, Semi Contact and Full Contact. Therefore participants must understand without proper learning and step by step program should have doubt about their progress in technical and self confidence.

B- Martial arts sports use a lot of muscles and joints and the level of pushing in members Cardio Vascular at Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels are slightly different from each other and to keep members staying away from injuries are the key point for helping the members achieve their progress and final goals.

C- Instructors would play an important role to teach proper techniques and motivate members to set goals and supporting them until their members achieve their goals. Instructors must have proper education in Fitness, Anatomy and bio-mechanic of body structure and logical techniques and combinations during the training. Instructors class management and organization also is very important task in order to teach classes with high number of students and having the good quality as well as quantity. Instructors need to learn and update themselves based on the latest researches martial arts and fitness educational programs and certification.

D- Members patience, Self discipline, enthusiasm, Focus, Goal setting are the mental aspects which needed in order to gain result in Mixed Martial arts, mma and Kickboxing classes.

KFitness Martial arts Gym is a place which we care about members and follow all the above information in classes.

Sport Kickboxing As The Best Structured Style

Article By Grand Master Farhad Dordar,

Sport Kickboxing As The Best Structured Style