I almost hear from every parent of our kids martial arts members that, their children never want to miss out even one class! This is why i am sharing my experience with our website blog readers, Parents and visitors who are interested to learn more about it.

1- We always start our kids martial arts classes with doing manual attendance and reading uplifting creed and the values are as follow:

A- when we do manual attendance and call every kid’s name, they realize missing a class means their names are called and everyone will know that they are not in the class which affect their attendance rating and belt graduation date. They might also lose the monthly award on Hall of Fame, Our kids Martial artists  learn punctuality and discipline from attending classes as regular base and eventually they make habit of having self discipline. Self discipline is a mental and lifestyle quality which every person in any age needs for goal achievement and this is an important asset for building a successful life from young age.

B- Reading school creed is an uplifting action which our martial arts members do in the beginning of each class and it makes a sense of unity and reasons for attending classes, It is also help them to feel confident and become focused on the values of their important classes.

2- Our kids martial artists play some particular games in their martial arts classes and makes it even more fun while developing values of teamwork, competitiveness, focus, hard work with martial arts physical activities.

3-Kids learn the martial arts stances, single techniques, combinations and when they perform properly, They will get encouraged by clapping and applause. Children will become motivated when they feel a sense of recognition for their hard work.

4-At the end of the class we share  some ideas with them about how to improve their techniques at home for their practices and we let them know that we will check their techniques by the next class for gradings.


Our instructors are very patient with kids and support them for higher performance. This is why our kids martial arts classes in Vancouver kitsilano is so much fun and successful.

When we see our kids members Gold and silver medals achievement in kickboxing, mma and karate tournaments, not only we become proud of them but also the whole martial arts academy and families become very happy. We love to help and support our community children to establish positive attitude with outstanding respectful social behaviour.

Grand Master Prof. Farhad Dordar

2674 West Broadway Vancouver Canada ( Kitsilano ) 604-2985425