KFitness academy on Broadway Vancouver BC Canada has been in operation since 1996 with creating many proud martial artists in Vancouver British Colombia. We have been working hard with our passion and enthusiasm because we believe %100 on the result which everyone in fitness and martial arts industry is looking for, specially women, children and men. There have been always 2 major focus on these types of training, first mental and physical fitness and second is fighting skills. Kickboxing fitness is a well rounded training system which helps the mind and body get engaged for personal improvement and they affect each other vice versa. The mind engagement makes the time flys and creat a lot fun which trainees forget the push on their body either for stretching and conditioning , or learning the techniques. the amazing part is the mental aspects of self confidence and self esteem building which can help a lot of adult and children to develop or improve themselves.
The Covid-19 pandemic had a negative impact on people health and immune systems, stress and fear of being in public caused many people get out of shape. Our group exercises are as private classes fun and motivational for individuals, KFitness academy like the thousands of fitness facilities have had challenges in business of fitness and martial arts, we have decided to start the operation since the ease of situation on fitness industry. KFitness which focus on kickboxing fitness is in operation on West Broadway to begin providing services to it’s members in Vancouver now with some new exiting plans and programs. We invite all of our members and new ones who strive to get fit in fast pace attend classes and start a new life you desire after the pandemic. You can contact us and our program managers will be helping you to get started. Grand Master Farhad Dordar