June 30th 2016 Graduation in Vancouver Kfitness brought so much energy and enthusiasm into the Academy of growth, Children as youngest as 3 years old to youth and adult, all preformed their best of mental and physical abilities. The motivation, discipline, self confidence and the power of their knowledge in their training level created the value of what we do on the daily bases.

We all want to grow to our maximum in order to feel good and effect our life style change to become better and better everyday. Martial artsKickboxing, MMA and mixed martial arts training in a safe and energetic environment can help everyone to improve their potentials to higher limit. The mental and physical Health, nutrition and having 3 times training at Vancouver K-fitness  Kickboxing MMA is the way of personal development, specially with the master instructors who have been supporting the members over last 23 years in Vancouver lower mainland.