Vancouver Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

Vancouver Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

Vancouver, Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

Vancouver, Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

We congratulate all of our SKF sport Kickboxing Champions in Vancouver Canada, Santa Monica Los Angeles USA, who had trained hard to reach their highest potential at Tiger Balm tournament on March 2017. This tournament was at Capilano University in North Vancouver.Our champions Hailey Clark Gold Medal, Julian Agelakis Gold medal, and Ankit Angrula 3rd Place, we believe one of the judges definitely made a mistake on a Red or Blue Call and didn’t want to fix his his lack of focus on recognizing which one was Blue or Red for his call. When we looked at the videos the definite win was for Ankit by many viewers.

Vancouver Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

The importance of counter striking which require a lot of focus and timing made the most of our fighters to win, the other facts like keeping the distance not to close and not too far, Cardio and conditioning on consecutive striking techniques didn’t allow their opponents to find the time for their strikes, therefore our fighter could take the judges and crowed attention for their performances.


Arleo Dordar Vancouver Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

Arleo Dordar Santa Monica MMA Kickboxing

The SKF  fighting team have been training with a good training plan curriclum under supervision of Master Farhad Dordar who has trained many international and National champions in the last 20 years at Kfitness martial arts, MMA and kickboxing academy in Kitsilano Vancouver, Kitsilano Canada. Master Dordar also has been focusing on his Kfitness MMA and Martial arts academy in Santa Monica Los Angeles California state with His raised champion and Actor Arleo Dordar.













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