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Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness

K-Fitness has created a unique martial arts training courses that all age groups of men, women, youth and children with different fitness levels can embrace. Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness and Martial arts classes with an engaging programs and methods motivate our members to continue their success in learning the skill and getting their best mental and physical fitness.

Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness and Martial arts classes for Children

Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness and martial arts, Karate for Children are very popular for their Fun and high energy activities in our classes and helping families to build confidence, focus and discipline in their children. Learning about respect in Children martial arts programs help them to develop leadership that they need for their growth. Martial arts courses for kids and youth help to improve their multitasking ability for better performance in their busy projects and decrease their stress.

The Women’s Vancouver Kickboxing Fitness and martial arts programs and training system captures the excitement and challenges they are looking for getting in shape and have fun in a safe and professional class environment. This is an ultra-calorie burning workout with the real and guaranteed result that every woman is looking for.

Our Kickboxing and martial arts classes at Kfitness School have been proven to burn 800-1,500 calories in a single hour workout because of it’s intensity and engaging popular curriculum. We offer a complete work-out experience; strengthening and toning your body while building endurance and functional fitness.Our Unique exercise program, guided by skilled Certified martial arts instructors. Sport Kickboxing exercises combines stretching, warm up, conditioning and stress management to achieve results like no other group fitness classes. Attending Our two trial sessions are the best way to find out what our martial arts programs are about and why people love to do it as regular practitioner.

Vancouver Kitsilano Youth Martial arts and kickboxing Classes

Our Youth have blast with the fun martial arts classes at Vancouver K fitness schools. Style is a combination of karate and Kickboxing fitness and martial arts with self defense aspects, lot of fun martial arts games just make them feel not miss any class and this will help them to build self discipline.

Make the difference, All great journeys begin with a single step! Try our programs for couple of sessions and start your new life style.


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