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How and Why to fit exercises in our life daily routine
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Regular exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, over the last few decades, most people have become busier but also more sedentary. We spend a large proportion of our time commuting to or working in the office; and for many of us, this is the perfect excuse to avoid exercise. Still, the stress of a busy schedule should not interfere with finding time to be active. The following tips should help you learn how to fit exercise into your busy schedule.
Choose a Time
Find a time during the day when you regularly have a break. You could get up an hour earlier in the morning, you could use your lunch break, or you can try to exercise immediately after work. Whenever you are most likely to be free from obligations is a great time to fit in some exercise. And remember, not only is exercise good for your physical health, it is also good for your mental health. For example, exercising in the morning can help energize you during the day, while exercising during your lunch break or after work can actually help reduce work-related stress.
Martial arts Exercise at Home
You could invest in a few pieces of exercise equipment like a boxing bag or get some good home exercise routine like martial arts or kickboxing combination. When you have what you need at home. And your exercise equipment doesn’t need to be expensive. You may prefer a jump rope, resistance band, and a set of dumbbells or boxing bag is all you need for a complete home workout.
What Our students at Vancouver Kfitness martial arts / Kickboxing Academy do?
When members at K fitness learn the Sport kickboxing routine, they need to stand front of the mirror and do the kickboxing combination for many times, they experience the speed and movement for cardio and technical advancement. They also work on their stances and movement for balance. Martial arts stretching and conditioning is other factors which every member could do it at their home or park.
Learning and practicing martial arts weapons also a great thing to do for getting in shape, have fun from improving their speed and being skillful.

Do you like to come home and watch TV or read a book? Do you have access to a gym at work but you’re too busy reading reports or scheduling your day? You’d be surprised at how much you can accomplish while you’re exercising. Run on the treadmill while watching TV and you kill two birds with one stone. You can also likely accomplish more menial work tasks while exercising at work i.e. you can schedule your day, read work related material, or practice a presentation.
Try Short Workouts
Even a 5 minute workout completed several times a day will have a positive impact on your metabolism and overall health. You can sneak in a few short exercises whenever you have a couple of minutes to spare, or you can try for an intense 5 minute workout that gets your heart pumping. For example, running up the stairs for 5 straight minutes, or 5 minutes of squat thrusts is good for your heart and health.
Exercise on your Days Off
If you truly cannot fit a few minutes of exercise into your busy workday, then set aside some time to workout on the weekends or your days off. Even a couple days of activity is better than nothing.
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Farhad Dordar is the President of Sport Kickboxing Federation, the governing body for Sport Kickboxing all over the World.
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