Sport Kickboxing Federation Presents the most effective Grappling combinations which help fighters who wish to feel more confident about their mixed martial arts fighting skill and experiences.

When it comes to technical and experience, Creativity and smart fighting hits our way of learning said by Master Farhad Dordar the president of world sport kickboxing federation in Vancouver Canada. Many fighters want to win and winning is a challenge for most fighters when it comes to real fighting in the cage or ring. All we say is learn the basics and stick with them until you become the master of it, Going to many techniques and combinations take months and years to be good at it.


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Sport Kickboxing Federation has been a leader of the programs creation for fighters globally, We are announcing our newest program, SKF Ultimate MMA Submission course for MMA fighters. Many Kickboxers after years of learning and experience in kickboxing wish to learn grappling and ground fighting, and to be comfortable as well as using the strength of stand up there are now strategies on preventing to go to ground and how to escape from the ground right away to stand up boxing and kicking. Learning the most effective ground techniques and combinations will be an addition to this amazing systematic fighting style.

Kids, Youth, adult both male and female can learn this MMA strategic fighting plans at any any styles and schools.

This well rounded and step by step program will be taught and licensed to kickboxing and MMA instructors through the 36 short videos and online couses as well as teaching them in our world SKF franchised schools.

Contact us at 1 (877) 479-5425  or fill out the form for registration.

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