Share the Arts of Vancouver Martial arts MMA Kickboxing

Share the Arts of Vancouver Martial arts MMA Kickboxing

Share the Arts of Vancouver Kfitness Martial arts MMA Kickboxing

Why should we share the art with others as a tradition?Our research and experience has conclusively  shown us that those who are actively involved with friends, family and peers achieve greater and more rapid success as a result of having these peers with whom to relate, learn and practice. This is true not of martial arts studies, but also of any endeavor  in life that requires learning and growth. The quality of Vancouver Kfitness Kids, youth and adult classroom environment is greatly dependent on the quality of our fellow students. Therefore, it is in our best interest to work diligently to help our instructors recruit, improve and maintain caliber of successful students in our K Fitness Club.

The only way our Kfitness Kickboxing, MMA school can have a positive impact on the community it serves, is to have a significant student population that will influence its neighborhood in a positive manner. This would best be achieved by a large body of students in different age group who are experiencing high level of success physically and mentally, based on the twelve winning traits of SKF Sport Kickboxing Federation black belt program.

Our members are the leaders who have positive influence in their communities.


fran4-273x273-3Share the Arts of Vancouver Kfitness Martial arts MMA KickboxingIt is a tradition in MMA, martial arts and sport Kickboxing for a student to reflect their loyalty and commitment by helping the school expand its impact in the community and its student involvement , along with improving the quality of student who participate.
It is also the duty of a martial artist to share the benefits that they have gained. For these reasons , our KFitness Club requests that members agree to invite three of their friends or family members into their school within the first six months of training, to show their support and acknowledgement of this martial arts tradition.

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