From Lucas James:

From 2006-2009 I trained with SKF Vancouver. Upon moving to Toronto, I wanted to find a martial arts school of similar quality. In order to find the school I wanted to train at, I visited many 65schools to find the right martial art and instructor. Finding the right martial art for me, or anyone, was very difficult, because of the differences between styles and teaching ability, and obviously a clean and organized facility.

Professional staff who understand customer service is essential, not just to martial arts, but the fitness business in general.

Cleanliness is an important factor in choosing a school, as well as a bright and well-lit training facility. It is important to me to feel welcome and safe, with a happy environment, in order to achieve my training goals. Based on my eight years of martial arts experience, I have noticed many schools lack one of more of these vital components of success: martial art style, instructor quality, staff management and facility.

With all my experiences in different schools, both in Vancouver and Toronto, I found I was so lucky to find KFitness School with SKF style. The staff are friendly, well-educated and profession; the style pushes me to excel at the pace I am able to; and teaches me not only new skills, but also discipline, dedication and self-confidence. The workout is amazing and my fitness has skyrocketed.

The great thing about SKF training systems is that they are accessible to all categories of training; I see women and children enjoying their membership at KFitness as much as the competition team, for both kickboxing and MMA.

Thank you Master Farhad Dordar, SKF (Sport Kickboxing Federation), KFitness Academies, for many years of top-quality learning!

Lucas James,


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