Vancouver kickboxing and Martial arts school


Address: 2674 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 3T4

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 Vancouver Kickboxing and Martial arts School

for classes and programs or General inquiry   CONTACT US at  (604) 298-5425 (kick)

Members in Vancouver British Columbia Canada learn

Sport Kickboxing, MMA which is a complete form of martial arts For women, men

and children with all fitness levels and ages, offering its practitioner practical knowledge of self-defense, superior physical and mental

fitness, focus, and stress relief in a fun, motivational and energetic environment

Sport kickboxing is for everyone men, women and children of all ages and fitness levels, because the greatest value in martial arts is

personal growth and development.

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SKF Sport Kickboxing Tournament

SKF Sport Kickboxing Tournament

Instructors Team:

– Grand Master Farhad Dordar: 41 yrs experience

– Sensei Sahar Dordar:  20+ yrs experience

-Sensei Bahareh Dehkordi 1st degree Black Belt

-Mis Marjan Karrar Black Belt