Another inspiring Thanksgiving day at Kids martial Vancouver class K fitness academy.

How important and motivational was today at our SKF sport kickboxing kids class made us to record and share a video of some our

little children who train martial arts.

kids explain the definition of Thanksgiving day and we were surprised how some of our kids have been taught by their parents and their school teachers. We all believe kids are very smart and fresh to absorb information about anything, and the choice of what type of informations are necessary to give is all depends on parents.

Many parents put their children in different programs and school but the question is what are the quality of programs, what type of lessons are necessary to give and who are the teachers as far as their personality and effectiveness of their method , what is the teacher’s communication skill and way of transferring knowledge.

Me personally like to have a discussion on a subject with kids and helping them together find the reasons and values of the subjects so they have a feel of thinking and sharing. This method help children to build confidence and leadership.

We have many smart kids who train martial arts with all the mental, physical and spiritual values in our school K fitness martial arts academy

at 2674 west Broadway vancouver BC Canada.