Kickboxing Back to School Program

Kickboxing Back to School Program

By Master Farhad Dordar:


We read the creed at every class:

I Intend to develop myself in positive manner and and avoid anything anything that could reduce my mental growth and physical health,

I Intend to develop self discipline to bring us the best in myself and my fellow men.

I Intend to use what i learn in class constructively and defensively and never to become abusive and offensive.

This is the house of champions KFitness martial arts academy, We are Dedicated, we are Motivated, We are on a Quest To Be Our Best.

Kickboxing Back to School Program

Exercise is the best way to strengthen mind and body and we all need it. But in order to decide the reasons behind doing exercise would be an important supplement for our actions. Kids, Youth Adult all need training their body and mind to feel better and stay healthy to enjoy life the most.

The qualities of staying healthy and how they can be implemented in our daily life routines are absolutely helpful to succeed at schools, work environment, social and family relationships. We as Sport Kickboxing coaches recommend everybody in the family get some sort of two to three times weekly exercises. Life is too short and feeling happy and successful makes a big difference for ourselves and our loved ones.

We look at our society like a big family and helping each other to get the motivation for doing something positive and meaning full would cost nothing and the effect of the healthy life style makes the rest of the family members happy and fresh.



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