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Achieve your dream of starting your own business – kickboxing franchise schools

Kickboxing Franchise Schools are organized by experienced business executives from Software development, Martial arts technical and fitness educated group, a strong franchise development team and world-class kickboxing champions. K-Fitness has assembled this team with over 50 years of combined industry expertise to create the unique SKF training systems and build a recognized international franchise chain. This is Worldwide franchising expansion mostly focusing in Canada-USA-Asia and Europe.

kickboxing franchise schools

kickboxing franchise schools

What do I get?

Being a K-Fitness franchise opens up a world of new opportunities in the health and fitness industry that combines proven stability and experience with the fast pacing change of modern business. You will not only earn a great income, but you will earn that income from something you have passion for.

kickboxing franchise schools

We will guide you how to become successful

You have to be committed to growing and running your business effectively and working closely as a team with your entire staff and providing the highest level of service possible.

If you have a burning desire for success, and have a passion for health and fitness. This is your opportunity to be a positive influence in YOUR community.

We Support You
Every Step Of The Way

kickboxing franchise schools

kickboxing franchise schools

We are the only place where you can experience the k-fitness training systems

The K-FITNESS exercise systems are our 25 year commitment to individual and group exercise innovation. We have created a unique training formula that all age groups of men, women and children can embrace.

The K-FITNESS systems captures the excitement and challenges of genuine competitive training in a safe and professional environment. This is an ultra-calorie burning work out in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Our K-FITNESS training systems has been proven to burn 800-1,500 calories in a single hour workout. We offer a complete work-out experience; strengthening and toning your body while building endurance and functional fitness. Our UNIQUE training systems, guided by skilled instructors, combine stretching, agility and stress management to achieve results like no other group fitness class.

kickboxing franchise schools

kickboxing franchise schools

The K-Fitness Way

kickboxing franchise schools

We offer a true turn-key opportunity

• Assist with the hiring of managers and trainers
• Thoroughly train all staff on their respective roles
• Provide extensive Training and Operations Manuals and Videos for staff and members
• Educate you on how to effectively manage your K-FITNESS club as an owner and produce a constant profit generating company.

Our experienced franchise consultants can build success training roadmaps for you as a new business owner. Our consultants serve with passion in Sales coaching, operation mentorship, business planning, and enshrine system management courses. Our consultants have helped many new franchise owners thrive across the finish line some of the key areas of focus will be Sales enhancement, new store development, operations, and service mastery.

• Find the best location
• Negotiate the most favourable lease
• Design the club
• Build and develop the club, equipment and merchandising
• Provide marketing, promotion and custom CRM systems
• Provide extensive ongoing support programs

What Does It Cost?

K-Fitness is rated as a low cost franchise across all industries. Both our initial franchise fee and ongoing monthly fees are extremely affordable, lowering the barrier of entry for K-Fitness ownership.

Estimated Initial Investment (On a 1000 to 4,000 sq/ft Club $50,000 to $250,000 with 3 months working capital included

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