المخيمات الصيفية فانكوفر


Summer is at the door and we are having some outdoor training with lot of fun Adult extreme summer camp training and Children’s Vancouver summer camps. If you have any friends or family members who love to be in these fun and exciting programs please let them know to participate, our own Children members can attend these programs as well as their friends.

Two types of Martial arts Vancouver summer camps for both adult and children
1 – Children’s Vancouver Summer Camp

2 – Three months Adult/Youth/Children Course


Adult outdoor summer campsAre 4 Sundays. This will help members to improve their technical form and will receive 2 stripes, as well as improving their physical strength.

المخيمات الصيفية فانكوفر


Children’s 5 days camp each day 5 hours with outdoor and indoor activities. The camps will be run out of Kitsilano KFitness Academy.

Head instructor Sahar and instructor Marjan lead the Vancouver summer camps. Assistants are employed to help provide your child with a safe and fun environment at all times.

We offer a mixture of رياضة الكيك بوكسينغ drills and game activities. Student will have the opportunity to practice their required elements each day. This is a great opportunity for students to learn their belt criteria.

We also have a self defense lessons focusing on how to effectively deal with bullies and how to be street smart. As part of our ongoing safety awareness at KFitness Academy, we ask all parents to adhere to a NUT FREE Policy throughout the camp. Parents must indicate clearly if their child has a nut allergy on the application form.

المخيمات الصيفية فانكوفر

Participants must bring their sport kickboxing T-shirts each day of the camp. Please refer to the Vancouver summer camp brochure for a complete list of what to bring.


المخيمات الصيفية فانكوفر

Students can invite their friends to participate in these camps as well to add more fun to their activities. They all need to register too. A maximum of 24 students has been set for all camps. If you have any questions, please call us at 604 298 5425.

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