Cardio Kickboxing Vancouver | 12 Rounds

Difficulty Level 30%
Fat Loss Effectiveness 90%
Strength Building 75%
Fun 90%
Have you ever caught yourself wondering why exercise can feel like such a chore?
Have you ever wished you didn’t need  to exercise at all in order to remain healthy?

If you have, then you likely haven’t heard about the new K Fitness Cardio Kickboxing Vancouver Program.

Our team has answered your prayers by taking everything you didn’t like about getting fit and turned it into a fun, action packed training Cardio Kickboxing Vancouver program that is so effective and exciting that you’ll be congratulating yourself for the cut, lean body that you enjoyed earning.

Cardio Kickboxing Vancouver

Cardio Kickboxing VancouverThere’s no trade secrets with this one either, here is how it’s done with Cardio Kickboxing Vancouver:

We take sport kickboxing routines that are engaging and give you the feeling of power and control, then watch as the conditioning comes naturally through the fun variations we implement under these conditions. We chose the most effective activities we’ve observed in our years of experience with kickboxing, so expect to see fun stuff such as bag training, target training, sparring and partner activities, as well as focused body workouts which are done explosively and in the quickest time possible.

You might dream of being in a world championship bout while throwing combinations with a partner and developing a toned, athletic body in the process, but with the right commitment, you might even make it happen. The sky is the limit when you train with a staff that is not only incredibly well educated in kickboxing fitness, but is led by the World Champion Master Farhad Dordar.