Our founder

K-FITNESS Founder – Master Farhad Dordar

When we are young, our visions can be quite different as we move along life’s path. Master Farhad Dordar has been on an amazing journey since he was twelve. He believes that each moment of our life is a new beginning, and this has created within him a unique approach to all of his endeavours. Farhad Dordar is deeply involved in the journey of the Fitness and Martial Arts Business, establishing a self-confidence, and absolute conviction of the good he brings to every person who chooses to step into the world of Martial Arts. At the age of sixteen he was teaching Fitness and Martial arts classes, and forty years later his engagement with every facet of human conditioning has reached a level of expertise and craftsmanship that has no equal. Though he believes that there are risks in any project we choose to undertake, this never daunts the mind of a champion, since without taking risks the chances of self-growth and enlightenment are slight.

Farhad believes that there is a champion in each and every one of us, and the practice of Martial Arts is the key that opens the door to our greatest potential. Life frequently presents obstacles that require the tenets of Martial Arts training in self-discipline, self-confidence, tenacity, will-power, integrity & courage.

After years of training in Karate, Judo, Taekwondo, Boxing and Kickboxing, he has developed a unique martial arts training system called SKF Sport Kickboxing. Thousands of students worldwide are training within it’s different categories: Women’s Kickboxing class, Children Martial arts no face contact, Men’s Kickboxing no face contact, and Face contact, Men’s ring fight, Children MMA class, Adult and Children high jump kick, Women’s self-defence class, Boxing fitness class, Adult MMA class, and as a new category, SKF Submission.

The SKF tournament disciplines: Kickboxing Continuous Point fighting (CPF), Kickboxing No Face Contact (NFC), Kickboxing Face Contact (FC), Amateur Ring Fight (ARF), SKF Submission, SKF Forms, and SKF High Jump Kick.

Master Farhad Dordar studied business level Martial Arts, and this continuous focus has presented his Federation’s work to a wider and wider audience, both as an expert operational technique of the Martial Arts Organization, and an ever evolving system of teaching & learning. This is corroborated by a series of books he has authored upon Professional School management systems, and Instructor certification programs at university levels. Master Farhad’s base is Vancouver, Canada from where he heads the World Sport Kickboxing Federation.