Vancouver Kfitness Martial arts and Kickboxing school Facilities have been carefully designed to keep the maximum safety and productivity in a high level standard. Colors are an important fact in our Vancouver Kfitness Martial arts and Kickboxing school design based on our age group of members in order to feel energized and happy when they enter into the Academy, combination of Grey, off white, and Red are involved in our design for keeping members relaxed and energized at the same time.

Floors are covered by Martial arts Mats, all change rooms with wood laminate and wash rooms with tiles. They all get cleaned every day.

Vancouver K-Fitness Martial arts school is a Well Designed school with different verity of equipment.

Our Kfitness martial arts franchise head quarter school located in the heart of Kitsilano Vancouver on West Broadway, with two bus stations in 20 meters, Easy access to UBC and East Vancouver, Richmond and Down town.

There are plenty of kickboxing and martial arts targets, light and heavy Bags in different kinds, Speed ball, Different Fitness ball, Skipping Ropes, Lightweight dumbbells, blockers, light kettlebells etc.

Everybody is welcome!

We offer programs suitable for everyone: children, teenagers, and adults, men and women.

Take advantage of our trial classes at a reduced rate before committing.

The floors are covered by Blue and red matts, with rest benches for members and parents.

Vancouver Kfitness martial arts and mma school is computerised and members can scan their cards to make sure keeping their attendance for better progress and organized grading control for instructors and members.

The design of Vancouver Kickboxing Academy Facilities is an important item we put attention for it’s usefulness and the flow energy for training systems like running, warm ups and martial arts games while keeping all the equipment on it’s place. The latter Monkey bar for 10 members pull ups exercises at the same time, two different speed ball, different sizes and weight bags for lifting, kicking and boxing, Blast master targets for all spinning and extreme kicking, Boxing and low kick pads, cardio style weights, skipping ropes, fitness balls in different weights, are part of the martial arts and kickboxing equipment for students training system have been set for higher result and fitness goals achievement.

As soon you enter the Vancouver Kickboxing Academy Facilities you will get the feeling of organization and beautiful design and cleanliness with higher standard operation. The posters on the wall, Vitrine display with trophies and merchandise samples, sitting area, two beautifully design front counter, card scanner all show to our members and new clients to feel they enter in a place that they want to become member.

Our staff and instructors are mostly providing two types of services;

1- Administrative services as program managers

2- Technical and fitness services as instructors and coaches.

Both program managers and instructors positions have to pass SKF university courses in order to become certified and to provide services. Vancouver K-Fitness Martial arts staff are knowledgeable kind, and respectful to all customers.

Come and take a tour of the Vancouver Kickboxing Academy Facilities